Friday, July 5, 2013

Rocco Paintings - Done by Multiple Artists-No Value

Howdy. I've had about ten emails from various people, none of them art critics, and most of them novice art collectors like me, inquiring about the Rocco paintings, and their value. Who is Rocco? Unfortunately, experts have written me that the paintings were done by art students who mimicked the style of the instructor, and mass produced these various Parisian street scenes for profit, all signing with the same name, Rocco. These professional art appraisers have told me that if there's biographical information that appears on a pre-printed label on the back, you must then realize that these paintings were mass produced and sold in stores. Makes sense.

Sure, the Rocco paintings have some interesting technique, and overall warmth and style that can be enjoyed. No doubt about it. But as far as serious works of art that are of limited quantity, collectible, and gaining attention over the past decades since they were painted? Nope. No fire is starting, no interest is increasing, and no prices are rising.

As a result, I've stepped away from the task of gathering info on "Rocco", whoever he [or they] are. Sorry. These paintings are not taking gaining interest on a large scale in the art market. Hope this helps.

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